Classes & Lessons

How long are classes and lessons? 
Almost always 30 minutes, with a few exceptions. Adult Beginner Swim is 45 minutes, and our Sunday Drop-in Baby + Toddler Bubbles class is one hour, from 9-10am. Our adult aqua fitness classes also run for 1 hour.

How big are small-group classes? 
Our goal is to provide the best possible experience and individualized attention for our swimmers, so we aim to keep group classes small. Our Tadpole groups (for our novice swimmers) are capped at three kids, our Goldfish groups (for intermediates) at four kids, and our Dolphins groups (for more advanced swimmers) at 5 kids. For complete class descriptions, go here

How many weeks do classes and lessons last? 
Private and semiprivate lessons are considered ongoing, so there is no official start and end date; enrollment happens on a rolling basis as space becomes available. If you wish to discontinue your or your child’s enrollment in an ongoing lesson, please provide us with at least two weeks written notice to allow us time to fill his or her spot. Notice of termination must be sent to appointments@fitnessalivephilly.com.

Our small-group classes run in six-week sessions throughout the year. There are no refunds (or partial refunds) for enrollment in small-group classes. Please see the Cancellations, Missed Lessons & Refunds section below for more info. 

What do I need to bring with me?
A bathing suit, of course, and you’ll need a towel. Most people (including the kiddos) also prefer to wear goggles. 

My child can’t swim. Should I bring her floaties? 
Nope! We’re here to teach her how to do it. She won’t be wearing floaties in our classes or lessons, although sometimes we do use a pool noodles or kickboards (which we provide) for certain exercises and practice. 

What time should I arrive? 
Please plan to have your child on the deck and ready to swim at least 5 minutes before his or her class or lesson begins. Our instructors keep a tight schedule, so if you’re late for a lesson or class, your pool time will simply be shortened accordingly. 

My child isn’t potty trained. Can he go in the pool? 
Yes, so long as a swim diaper is used. 

Do I have to get in the pool with my child? 
Parents do not get in the pool with their children during lessons or classes. The only exceptions are our Baby and Toddler Bubbles classes, which are a parent-and-child swim classes.  At these classes, there must be one adult per one child in the pool; no exceptions.

Is there a locker room? 
Yes. There are men’s and women’s locker rooms with showers, where you can change. Bring your own lock if you plan to use a locker. 

I have to run some errands. Can I do that while my child swims? 
Sorry, no. Parents are required to stay on the premises, either on the pool deck or in the locker room. 

Costs & Online Payment

How much are lessons and classes?
To learn about our pricing for private and semiprivate swim lessons, please contact us by filling out this quick and easy contact form. For pricing for group classes, go here

I want to sign up for private or semiprivate lessons. Why can't I pay for just one lesson at a time?
For your first lesson, you're able to pay for a single session. We consider this a "trial" to make sure it's a good fit. After that, you purchase six swim lessons at a time, in a package. The rationale is this: We are holding a time slot for you week to week, so paying up front for a handful of lessons or classes ensures a level of commitment.

How do I pay? 
With the exception of our Drop-in Baby + Toddler Bubbles classes, which are $25 cash and payable onsite at the start of class, we do not accept cash or check payment at the time of your lesson. You must purchase lesson credits or pay for your class series in advance through our online system. Once we place you in a private or semiprivate lesson, we will provide you with log-in info so you can purchase credits. Last-Minute Swimmers are charged to their credit card on file once their lesson is complete. If you wish to enroll in a class, you may do so here

Cancellations, Missed Lessons & Refunds

What’s your cancellation or missed-lesson policy?

For private and semiprivate lessons: We allow swimmers to miss up to 1 lesson per month without risk of forfeiting his or her spot on our calendar. We require written notice of cancellations, at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson time to avoid losing a lesson credit. Cancellations must be sent to our office staff and not directly to your instructor; cancellations sent to instructors will not honored and you may lose a lesson credit. Please alert our office via text message at 267-702-6043 or email at appointments@fitnessalivephilly.com to avoid losing a lesson credit. No-shows or those who cancel with less than 24 hours notice for any reason will be charged for the lesson at our discretion.

For semiprivate lessons only: In the event that one swimmer in a semiprivate lesson cancels (with at least 24 hours notice), the participating swimmer will be given the option to rebook the lesson as a private lesson at the private rate ($40 for lessons at Fitness Works, or $50 for on-site lessons at your pool), or skip the lesson. If the swimmer who cancels does so with less than 24 hours notice or no-shows, he or she will be charged for the semiprivate lesson and the participating child will be charged at the semiprivate rate ($30 for lessons at Fitness Works or $40 for on-site lessons at your pool).

For group classes:  We do not offer any make-up lessons or refunds in the event that you can't make it to class a certain week, so please check your schedule and plan accordingly. If you must miss a class, please be courteous and call, text or email us as soon as you can so our instructors can have an accurate headcount.

To suspend swim lessons: If you wish to discontinue lessons with us, we require minimum one week written notice to allow us time to fill your spot. You must email appointments@fitnessalivephilly.com with your request.

Do you issue refunds for unused class or lesson credits? 
No. Fitness Alive does not issue refunds for unused class or lesson credits. 

Do you offer make-up lessons or classes? 
We cannot offer make-ups for missed classes. For missed private and semiprivate lessons, we can sometimes provide a makeup session if the instructor is available to do so. Makeup lessons for private and semiprivate clients should be arranged with our office staff at appointments@fitnessalivephilly.com

Facility Emergencies, Snow Days & Holidays

Facility Emergencies: In the event private or semiprivate lesson must be canceled due to a facility-related emergency, every effort will be afforded to provide a makeup lesson. If a class must be canceled, classes will simply resume at the regularly scheduled time the following week, and the six-week series will be extended by one week. We will contact you — via text, email and phone, in that order — as quickly as possible in the event of a facility closure or emergency. Clients will not be charged for classes or lessons in the event of facility emergencies. 

Snow Days: In the event that getting to or from the facility is dangerous due to the weather, we will contact you — via text, email and phone, in that order — as quickly as possible to alert you of cancellations, and we will provide relevant announcements on our website and social media channels. Clients will not be charged for classes or lessons in the event of facility emergencies. Six-week sessions will be extended a week to provide a makeup. 

Holidays: We will not hold classes or lessons on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Classes will be resumed at their regularly scheduled time the following week, and every effort will be afforded to provide a makeup lesson.