9 am: Baby Bubbles
(Drop-in only! $25)
10 am: Adult Beginners
2 pm: Tadpoles
5:30 pm: Tadpoles (FULL)
6 pm:
Goldfish I
5:30 pm: Goldfish II
6pm: Adult Beginners
7:30 pm:
Masters Swim Happy Hour
(Drop-ins welcome!)
11:30 am: Baby Bubbles
6 pm: Tadpoles (FULL)
6:30 pm: Goldfish II
4:30 pm: Tadpoles (FULL) 10:30 am:
Goldfish I
10:30 am: Tadpoles (FULL)
11 am: Tadpoles
11 am: Dolphins

Sarah Berry

Swim Instructor
Sarah Berry started swimming when she was eight years old. She joined the swim team in high school and eventually swam in college, too; her specialties were distance freestyle and butterfly. She has been teaching swim lessons and coaching swim teams since she was 15 years old, continuing after college as the lead swim instructor at a community center, where she taught mommy-and-me classes, group lessons for kids, and adult swim lessons. Although she works as a registered pediatric nurse in Wyncote by day, Sarah just can’t stay out of the pool, so she joined the Fitness Alive team to share her passion for swimming and make pool time a fun learning experience for kids and adults. She’s especially skilled in instructing stroke technique for older children and adults, and triathlon training for adult swimmers. Sarah lives in South Philly with roommates and two mischievous dogs (yes, it's a full house), and she's a HUGE Philadelphia Eagles fan.