What People Are Saying About Us

We met Holly because we were seeking someone who could help our urban daughters learn to swim and had seen rapid turnover and unreliability from other swim programs in the city. Holly was exciting and engaging for them from the first lesson: With every “You go girl!” “Did you see how far you just went?” or “Daddy, did you see that backstroke???,” the girls instantly wanted to do their best for her and show off.  Holly effectively works with two girls of different ages and abilities, and we see them both progress each week.  Every day they ask when they can swim with Miss Holly again. We can’t recommend her enough! — Julie

Holly taught my daughter, Lily, to swim starting at age three.  At 5, Lily joined a swim team, practicing three times a week and competing in meets. No matter how many hours Lily spends in the pool at team practice, she still asks to have one-on-one sessions with Holly. Holly helps Lily work on skills, provides encouragement, boosts her confidence, and nurtures her love of swimming!  — Sara

I enrolled my daughter in Baby Bubbles shortly after she turned one, hoping to instill confidence in the water early on. Our lessons with Miss Holly have not only made her comfortable in the pool, but have also expanded skills that I never expected! Her time in the water has taught her to blow bubbles, flip from back to front, kick her feet and get water in her eyes, ears and face with no concern, but has also made her less shy with other children and adults, increased her willingness to try new things and encouraged things like jumping and counting outside of the pool. — Bekka

Holly is my ideal swimming instructor and trainer. She believes I'm more capable than I ever believe in myself. I went from panicking when I put my face in the water to swimming all four strokes proficiently. Along the way, she helped build whatever muscles I needed to swim while keeping me long and lean. She also taught my eight- and 10-year-olds how to swim. Now that they’re excellent swimmers. she kicks their butts during swim practices — like last session, when they swam 60 laps, did 90 squats and 30 push-ups. They love her because she is warm and caring and has a lot of positive energy. And she never gives us the same workout twice so it's never boring. — Linh